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What is a Wireless Weather Station?

  • Description: Wireless weather stations provide simple installations and flexibilty - you can move the console to a convenient location and do not have to run wires through the building. However, there are a few issues to consider:

    Wireless Range: All wireless transmission ranges are specified "line of sight", unless otherwise stated. Standard construction walls can reduce the transmission distance by as much as 50%.

    Metal Enclosures: Metal enclosures (trailers), aluminum siding, reflective insulation materials, water (rain), reflective window treatments, and radio interference can greatly degrade the wireless transmission signal.

    Transmitting through Earth and Ground: Never install your wireless weather station at an elevation below the console (such as down a hill), unless there is line of sight between the weather station and the console. The weather station will not transmit through ground or earth.

    Repeaters: Some weather stations have optional repeaters that can be placed at a mid-point, allowing line of sight to both the weather station and the console.

    Range: Weather station wireless range varies from 100' to several miles, depending on the weather station type, frequency and repeaters.
  • Measurements: anemometer, wind vane, thermometer, hygrometer, barometer, rain gauge, solar radiation, which calculates evapotranspiration, and ultraviolet (UV) index.
  • Applications: Amateur weather watching, education, home automation, home environmental monitoring, landscaping.
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