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Dealer and Manufacturer Support

Some dealers never install a weather station, much less take it out of the box. If you are uncertain, call the dealer and ask detailed questions before you purchase a weather station. If you receive marginal support, or redirected to the manufacturer, think twice about purchasing the weather station.

Ambient Weather has a working knowledge of every weather station we sell. At our headquarters, we have several weather stations installed. The sales staff will help you select the right weather station for your application.

NEVER purchase from a dealer that will not allow you to return a weather station after it is installed. Do not install the weather station outside until you have completed a check of all of the sensors.

Wireless weather station transmission reliability may change depending on the time of day, weather conditions, home construction, and local RF "noise". Review the dealer's Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Ambient Weather, Rainwise, Davis Instruments, and WeatherHawk all provide premium customer service.

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Ambient Weather, Davis Instruments, RainWise and WeatherHawk all offer premium support.
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