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Temperaturesensei gives the WS-2902A Best Overall Weather Station.

- November 27 2018.

"This weather system provides the full experience. It offers an amazing level of functionality which compared to its relatively low price, makes it value for money. This is why this is our number one indoor outdoor thermometer for 2018."

- Temperaturesensei, Best Overall.

Database Slow Down Issues.

- November 11 2018.

We are experiencing database slow down issues due to IBM. We are working on a solution, and have a ticket in with IBM.

You may experience graphs not loading, highs and lows not retrieving, missing data in the database and response issues from Amazon Alexa. We apologize for the inconvenience.

- November 16, 2018.

IBM has definitely confirmed the issue is on their end. They are still working on it.

Word Press Plugin for AmbientWeather.net.

- October 9 2018.

Weather Station plugin for WordPress now connects to the Ambient Weather Network.

The free plugin for WordPress has the ability to collect station data attached to the Ambient Weather Network.

Weather Station is a free WordPress plugin that collects meteorological data from stations and displays it as gauges, LCD, charts, and heatmaps, in a website made with WordPress.

For more information, Visit Weather Station for WordPress.

WxObservation gives the WS-2902A 4.96 out of 5 Stars.

- October 4 2018.

"THE VALUE THE CONSUMER GETS WITH THE WS-2902 IS CRAZY GOOD! It comes standard with more sensors, wifi built-in, and even smart home connnectivity options, yet it is one of the most affordable units reviewed on this site. We think it’s the best home weather station available and highly recommend buying the Ambient WS-2902 for your backyard!"
- WxObervation, 4.95/5 Rating.

AmbientWeather.net now supports PWSWeather and Weather Underground.

- September 18, 2018.

AmbientWeather.net will now upload your data to PWSWeather.com and WeatherUnderground.com directly.

PWSWeather is particularly useful for Rachio Sprinkler owners that want to integrate their system with their weather station.

To activate this feature, go to your Devices Page, more info....

Note - you may be required to perform a force refresh of this page (by pressing both control and F5 buttons simultaneously on your keyboard for WIndows, and Command-Option-E for Mac).

Ambient Weather Changed Hosting Services

- September 5, 2018.

In order to improve server reliability and scale the service for increasing growth, we switched hosting services today. If your weather station stopped reporting today, power down and up your device. If the problem persists, power down and up your router.

Introducing the WeatherBridge Nano for Davis Weather Stations.

- August 31, 2018.

Connecting your weather station to the Internet has never been easier for Davis Weather Stations.

1. Plug the Nano into the WeatherLink connector in your console's battery compartment.
2. Connect to the Nano's wireless access point from your computer or smart device.
3. Program the Nano to connect wirlessly to your router, and send your data to the Internet and the Free Cloud Services.

The Nano plugs directly into the display console WeatherLink port (inside the battery compartment) and sends weather data to your wireless router and the Internet.

The WeatherBridge Nano is WiFi enabled, allowing you to free up your console to place anywhere in your home or business where WIFI is available. No messy cables.

- more info....

We released our Apple iOS App for the iPhone and iPad.

- August 28 2018.

Download the Ambient Weather Dashboard iOS App in the App Store:

- iOS App Store.

TechHive picked the WS-2902A Osprey as the best choice for smart-home buffs.

- August 16 2018.

"The Ambient Weather WS-2902 is a winner. If you’re a budget-constrained shopper looking for a full-featured home weather station, the Ambient Weather WS-2902 is a no brainer. It’s accurate, easy to set up, and has more sensors than you’d expect to get at this price. This is also a great weather station for people living in smart homes, with its connectivity to IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant."
- TechHive, 4.5/5 Rating.

We released our Android App.

- August 15 2018.

Download the Ambient Weather Dashboard Android App in the Google Play Store:

- Google Play Store.

WeatherStationLab Rates the WS-2902A the Best Weather Station in it's Class.

- August 14 2018.

"You can manage your weather station online through Ambient Weather Network. Hands down it has the best user-interface among other online weather streaming websites."
- WeatherStationLab, 4.9/5 Rating.

HomeSeer Plug-in for AmbientWeather.net.

- August 6 2018.

HomeSeer makes home automation controllers and software, designed to integrate lighting, HVAC, security, AV and other subsystems in most homes.

The HomeSeer plug-in receives real time information from AmbientWeather.net. It also works with directly with the ObserverIP Module.

For more information, Visit HomeSeer Plug-in for HomeSeer3.

Weather Display Software Now Works with AmbientWeather.net.

- August 4, 2018.

Weather Display is weather monitoring software that receives real time and historical weather data from the AmbientWeather.net network. Weather Display is a powerful and customizable software package that sends your data to a wide range of cloud services, and FTP to your own personal web site.

For more information, Visit Weather Display for PC, OSX, Linux.

Add up to 8 Additional Sensors to your ObserverIP Module.

- August 1, 2018.

Any ObserverIP Module can now be upgraded to Firmware Version 4.4.5, and expand the capability to 8 additional thermo-hygrometer sensors. The sensors can be used to monitor in and around your house or facility.

For more information on updating your firmware, Visit How Do I Update The Firmware For The ObserverIP Module?.

For more information on where to purchase the 8-Channel thermo-hygrometers Visit Ambient Weather WH31B Sensor.

The sensors will automatically appear in AmbientWeather.net with no changes required.

WeatherSnoop now works with AmbientWeather.net. Your weather right on your Mac.

- July 10, 2018.

WeatherSnoop is the premier weather station software for your Mac! With support for nearly a dozen stations, you can share your personal weather data online easily. Customizable dashboards give you the power to visualize your weather data using graphs, gauges, and more. And WeatherSnoop’s extensible plug-in architecture makes it easily expandable and upgradable.

For more information, Visit WeatherSnoop for Mac iOS.

We just launched a new Help Center.

- April 10, 2018.

We just launched our new Help center for AmbientWeather.com (e-commerce) and AmbientWeather.net (Internet cloud service).

For more information, Visit our Help Center.

AmbientWeather.net sets Data Storage Limit to 1 Year.

- March 12, 2018.

Ambient Weather never defined how long we would store your weather data on our servers.

We are reaching the one year anniversary of AmbientWeather.net, and decided to store data for one year.

This begins April 1, 2018.

You can still manage your data by manually saving it to your computer. In addition, Wunderground.com currently stores your data forever.

Ambient Weather developed an API, which allows programmers to create apps to automatically download historical data.

We are hoping an enterprising app developer will develop an app for others to manage data automatically.

Ambient Weather is striving to keep this a free service for everyone, and managing data is a very important ingredient to that success.

AmbientWeather.net now supports Saratoga Templates.

- March 5, 2018.

Create your own weather website with your live weather station data generated by the devices you and others have set up at AmbientWeather.net.

For more information, Visit Saratoga Templates.

API is released for AmbientWeather.net

- February 28. 2018.

Developers, retrieve your own real-time and historical personal weather station JSON formatted data, or build 3rd party apps and get data from multiple devices.

Users, an API Key is required to securely connect your weather station to applications created by outside developers.

For more information, Visit Ambient Weather API.

Community Page Released.

- February 25. 2018.

Visit our Community Page, where you can view AmbientWeather.net "Works with" features, like Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Assistant, and view 3rd party "Apps we like". Also, Join our Facebook Group.

For more information, visit the Community Page.

Welcome to the Ambient Weather Blog.

- February 25. 2018.

Welcome to the Ambient Weather Blog. Here you will find news, product releases and updates for products sold at AmbientWeather.com and hosted at AmbientWeather.net.

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