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Astrogenic SVNGX StormVue NGX

Astrogenic SVNGX StormVue NGX
Astrogenic SVNGX StormVue NGX
Astrogenic SVNGX StormVue NGX
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Astrogenic SVNGX StormVue NGX
Astrogenic SVNGX StormVue NGX
Astrogenic SVNGX StormVue NGX
Astrogenic SVNGX StormVue NGX
Astrogenic SVNGX StormVue NGX
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Item #: AF-SVNGX
Extend your live NexStorm lightning data to the web! With the real-time capability of StormVue NGX you can do just that, and so much more. Our latest ... [Read More]
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Product Description
Extend your live NexStorm lightning data to the web! With the real-time capability of StormVue NGX you can do just that, and so much more.

Our latest flagship software for visualizing lightning activity on the Internet utilizes cutting edge software technology and programming techniques for improved online user experience, far beyond anything the competition can offer.

Real-time lightning data presentation aside, some of the additional features include user controllable display modes, visually attractive vector based graphics and a configurable close lightning alarm. These and the many other features of StormVue NGX sets it aside and are guaranteed to keep your website visitors informed and coming back for more.

Version 2.5 is the best release yet! We listened to our users and added some frequently requested features in the latest release, perhaps the most prominent one being the option to receive close lightning alerts on your mobile or desktop by integrating support for Telegram messenger.

ost StormVue NGX usage scenarios will involve embedding it into a web page but this software can also run as a standalone desktop application. For company internal or home network use, data files can be uploaded to and accessed directly via a network disk. This eliminates the requirement for a web server and enables users to remotely monitor their lightning detection system - in real-time - in most types of network environments.

StormVue NGX is an Adobe Flash application. It obtains data from the Data Server inter-process communication (IPC) add-on for NexStorm which runs under Windows.

Data Server will continuously transmit updated lightning information to the Internet or a network disk, enabling a fast 4 second update rate.

With StormVue NGX you can actually watch lightning online as it happens

Your website visitors are given great freedom to configure StormVue NGX to their likings.

Most of the user configurable settings are saved to the user's local disk and retained for the next visit.

In version 2.0 a new web display client, StormStation 5 NGX was introduced. A bit less interactive than StormVue NGX but great for display on mobile devices. This pure HTML5 based display supports viewing real-time NexStorm data on most platforms and without any browser plug-ins.

y utilizing the open source Leaflet.js mapping library a number of different background map styles are available in the default configuration, and additional styles can easliy be added by modifying the configuration files.

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Key Features:
Real-time lightning display capability over network
No server-side scripting required
User interface with moveable windows and dialogs
Configurable 5-60 minutes of historical data
10 map zoom levels with user controlled zoom
User interface and strike alert sounds - user configurable (on/off)
Statistics and strike symbols can be set to LD-250 mode (no strike type discrimination) or LD-350/StormTracker mode
User configurable history, declutter, replay and close strike/storm alarm which can be set to cover areas off-center
Strike type, strike cluster, lightning density mapping and thunderstorm cell location display modes
Most user configurable settings are retained between sessions
Strike type distribution data or optionally Quadrant distribution data when using LD-250 display mode
Strike rate graphs with numerical and visual trend indicators
NexStorm storm reports are accessible via a window from within a StormVue NGX
System status dialog and network status indicators
Thanks to the vector graphics design StormVue NGX display size is scalable with no graphics quality loss. Adapt easily to any web page format
StormVue NGX can be run in web browser or as local desktop application
Online user help documentation available from StormVue NGX via a single button click
Owner can configure app background and text header colors, strike and storm symbols plus over 20 other parameters
Data Server utilizes continuous FTP connection for improved security
Strike rate limiter and idle disconnect option in Data Server will reduce bandwith usage
SQLite database storage of all lightning data
Alert and all-clear e-mails for close lightning
Arduino friendly, external hardware interfacing option
StormStation 5 NGX HTML5 web display included
Close storm alerting and all clear via Telegram
StormStation 5 NGX now loads 1 hour of historical data upon first access
System requirements:
Windows PC with support for Microsoft .NET 4.6.1 (Windows 7 SP 1 and later)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 redistributable package
NexStorm version 1.9 or later. NexStorm Lite not supported
To view StormVue NGX online a web browser with Flash plug-in version 10 or later is required
To publish StormVue NGX on the Internet a web site with FTP support and a minimum 2 MBit Internet connection is required
To run StormVue NGX as a desktop application Adobe Flash 10 Player or later must be installed
Internet connection required to activate Data Server license and remove trial time limitation
What's included in the package:
StormVue NGX Adobe Flash web application
Desktop PC application Data Server add-on for NexStorm
Online Help documentation containing everything you need to know, and even some things you don't
Software support, free updates and upgrades
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