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AirBridge WiFi Server for Ambient Weather and Davis Instruments Weather Stations featuring, AmbientWeather,net and Twitter

Connect your Ambient Weather Observer or Davis Instruments® wireless weather station to the internet using the AirBridge WiFi server.

The Ambient Weather AirBridge communicates directly to any of the Davis Instruments® VantagePro2™, VantagePro2 Plus™ and VantageVue™ wireless sensor suites, and the Ambient Weather Observer sensor array.

AirBridge for Davis Instruments:

Davis AirBridge

AirBridge for Ambient Weather Observer:

Ambient Weather AirBridge

The Davis Instruments® VantagePro2™, VantagePro2 Plus™ or VantageVue™ display console or data logger is not required to send data directly to the Internet. The AirBridge has a built in spread spectrum wireless receiver.

The Ambient Weather Observer display console is not required to send data directly to the Internet. The AirBridge communicates via 915 MHz directly to the AirBridge receiver.

Simply connect the AirBridge to the Internet (via ethernet or wifi), create an online account with any one of the supported weather cloud services, and you will be reporting real-time weather data in minutes.

The AirBridge provides two levels of wireless connectivity. The AirBridge recieves weather station data from the Davis Instruments sensor suite, and the AirBridge sends data to your router using standard WiFi protocols.

Internet Protocol or IP Network Weather Stations update weather servers real-time, providing up to the second data without the use of a PC. There are no networking fees. Perfect for low consumption requirements, remote monitoring applications, or weather station owners that do not want to leave their PC on 24/7. WiFi allows you the freedom to move your display console anywhere in your home or office while still reporting to the internet.

Compatible Weather Stations: Ambient Weather Observer, Davis Instruments® VantagePro2™, VantagePro2 Plus™ and VantageVue™ sensor suites or wireless weather stations, sold separately.

Connect to Ambient Weather Network:
Send real time data to Website. is the most user friendly design for monitoring your data across different platforms. Quickly view detailed information with our animated expandable modules. Supports email and text alerts.
Connect to
The AirBridge converts your weather station into an internet ready device and streams weather data real time (approximately 3 second updates) to the Website, the best website for collecting and storing real-time personal weather station data.

Connect to Citizens Weather Observation Program:
CWOP is a public-private partnership with three main goals: 1) to collect weather data contributed by citizens; 2) to make these data available for weather services and homeland security; and 3) to provide feedback to the data contributors so that they have the tools to check and improve their data quality. In fact, the web address,, stands for weather quality assurance.

Connect to PWSWeather:
Send real-time data to PWSWeather Website. PWSWeather is a partnership between and HAMweather.

Connect to Twitter:
Send your weather station data to Twitter up to once per minute and show your social media side with real time Tweets.

Supports MySQL:
Supports individual MySQL Database for advanced analysis.

Send EMail Summaries:
Send customized email summaries through your authenticated email server, based on a user defined interval.

Send EMail and Twitter Alerts:
Send customized email and twitter alerts when specified user defined sensor conditions are met.

Write HTTP commands to your sever:
Send customized http data strings to your server for advanced website integration.
Other Features:
The AirBridge appliance is an entire Linux computer built into a compact 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.0" package. Avoid the high operating costs and low reliability of connecting to a PC.

The AirBridge is WiFi enabled, allowing you to free up your console to place anywhere in your home or business where WiFi is available.

A web interface provides password protection, programming, networking, and real-time data.

The low power module provides up to the second data analysis using Weather Underground's Rapid Fire Technology. Data is archived on Weather Underground and can be imported into excel or database applications. Live XML weather feeds provide easy television, radio and web integration.

Reports outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, rainfall and UV, and calculated parameters, such as dew point, heat index, wind chill and rain rate.

Notes and Caveats:
  • Attention Virtual Weather Station and WeatherLink software users: Please note that the AirBridge appliance does not communicate directly to WeatherLink or Virtual Weather Station software. However, an SDK (software development kit) is available.
  • The AirBridge does not support an indoor humidity sensor.
  • The indoor temperature is measured inside the AirBridge receiver, and subject to internal heating, and does not accurately reflect ambient temperature.
  • The wireless range of the AirBridge receiver is approximately 300 feet, unlike the Davis Instruments® VantagePro2™, VantagePro2 Plus™ and VantageVue™ wireless display consoles, which have a 1,000 feet wireless range. However, the AirBridge is also wireless to your router, extending the range an additional 200 feet.
  • Weather station pictured not included.

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*Weather Cameras sold separately.
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Ambient Weather Network

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