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Weather Exchange Features

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Weather Exchange Features

The Network
The Weather Exchange Network is the world's largest free weather station network. We emphasize the word "FREE" - our network consists of personal weather station owners spanning the globe with nothing more than a personal weather station (available from Ambient Weather for as little as $189), Ambient's Virtual Weather Station PC software and an Internet connection. This information is automatically sent to the server, and collected by Ambient's FREE Weather Exchange program.

Live Neighborhood Weather
The Weather Exchange provides up-to-the-minute live weather from homes, schools, businesses and official weather stations throughout the world. There is likely a weather station in your town or even your neighborhood.

Searchable Weather
Simply enter your City, State, Zip Code, Airport Code or Country, and The Weather Exchange finds and sorts the closest weather stations in your area and displays them in easy to read graphics and tabular form.

24/7 Weatherman
The Weather Exchange displays normal and record high and low temperatures, normal precipitation to date, sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonphase, current weather conditions and 5-day forecast. The Weather Exchange is your 24/7 Weatherman!

Weather History
The servers store this information on the server in text databases. Need to know the hourly rain during the raging thunderstorm yesterday? No problem, the data is available in graphical and text format.

Star Chart
The Weather Exchange knows your exact longitude and latitude and generates a real-time star chart.

Weather Maps
The Weather Exchange displays a tremendous array of real-time and animated regional and national weather maps. Colored coded temperature, windchill, humidity, dew point, UV, wind, jet stream, radar, visibility, satellite, fronts, snow, and air quality maps turn even the casual weather observer into a meteorologist.

The radar images pinpoint your exact location, as you watch storms build in your area.

Weather Warnings and Advisories
Weather Statements, advisories, severe watches and warnings are color coded and sound visual and audible alarms. Play a different sound for each advisory level.

Personal Alarms
Is it raining in your area? The Weather Exchange sounds personal alarms you set based on windspeed, wind chill, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall, Dewpoint, heat index, customized for your favorite station or network of stations.

Favorites List
Create your own personal favorites list and monitor your cabin temperature, parent's house, or favorite vacation destination.

Weather Photos
The Weather Pane is a photo album of weather scenes taken by professional amateur photographers. Post your own weather photos online.

Data Export
Create real-time comma separated data files for use in other applications, such as Home Automation systems.

Hides Away while you Work
The Weather Exchange hides away, displays the temperature and weather advisory/alarm level on your taskbar, and utilizes few resources.

Works Seamlessly Across your Local Area Network
Weather Exchange uses Internet Explorer browser technology to access data from the network - no clumsy proxy server addresses to worry about.

Absolutely no Spyware or Advertising Programs installed on your computer with The Weather Exchange
Why ruin a good thing?

Join the Weather Exchange!
Joining the weather exchange is easy. For as little as $189 for a personal weather station, Ambient's Virtual Weather Station PC software and Internet Connection, you can post your live weather conditions at your home, cabin, school, resort or business, and it is better than free!

Free Wunderground Membership Offer
When you post your data live, take advantage of our Wunderground free membership offer - email alerts and no advertisements. This is our way of thanking you for participating in the Weather Exchange Network.

Free Data Hosting collects and stores your data FREE, and creates daily and monthly graphs and text files.

Targeted Advertisement
Become the only weather station in town, and The Weather Exchange provides you with immediate online presence and targeted advertisement.

Branding Features
Customize the Weather Exchange to match your own corporate identity. Take advantage of our comprehensive branding features on your customer's desktop and on your corporate website.