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Spectrum / ThunderBolt Accessories

We offer a wide range of versatile accessories for your ThunderBolt Storm Detector. From mounts to power adapters, these accessories make your ThunderBolt Storm Detector more convenient and easier to use.
Spectrum / ThunderBolt TB-OJB01 Weatherized Wall Mount
Ambient Weather Direct Plug DC-AC Power Inverter / Car Charger for Weather Radios
ThunderBolt TB-LB1 Rechargeable Mini Battery Pack for Thunderbolt Lightning Detectors w/ Free UPS
Spectrum / ThunderBolt TB-PA3 12 Volt DC Adapter Car Charger for Spectrum Thunderbolt Lightning Detectors
Our Price: $10.99
Our Price: $20.99
Our Price: $99.99
Our Price: $17.99
Spectrum / ThunderBolt TB-PA1 120V AC Adapter for Thunderbolt Lightning Detectors
Spectrum / ThunderBolt TB-PA2 220V AC Adapter for Thunderbolt KM Lightning Detectors
Spectrum / ThunderBolt TB-A01 Custom Desk Stand for Thunderbolt - BLACK
Spectrum / ThunderBolt TB-C1 Nylon Carrying Pouch
Our Price: $13.99
Our Price: $13.99
Our Price: $17.99
Our Price: $22.99