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Weather Station Reviews

Weather Station Purchase Guide: The following is a complete guide to purchasing, installing and maintaining a weather station. If you have additional questions, call Ambient Weather's technical specialists at 480-283-1644 (M-F 8am - 4pm Arizona Time) or email us at We are very interested in discussing your personal application.

Weather Station Description

The Sensors

Weather Stations consist of an anemometer (measures wind speed and wind direction), a self-emptying rain gauge, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure sensors. Most weather stations also measure indoor temperature and humidity. Some weather stations include solar radiation, UV, water proof probes, additional temperature and humidity sensors, leaf wetness, soil moisture, and lightning detectors.

Calculated Parameters

Dew Point, Wind Chill, Heat Index, Evapotranspiration, Density Altitude and other parameters are calculated from the sensors. Most stations include a display console, data logger, or both.

The Display Console

The display console or data logger communicates to the sensors through cables (wires) or cable-free (wireless) transmission. The console records the highs and lows, provides programmable alarms, and connects to a personal computer for advanced data collection and graphical analysis. The software can connect to the Internet, create web pages, send email alerts, post data to free weather servers, create time and temperature call centers, and integrate weather cam images.

Editor's Choice

We have compiled a list of the most important factors for selecting a weather station, and included our own "Editors Choice" for the best weather stations in each category.
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