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Reliability and Quality

The following reliability factors must be considered when purchasing a weather station.

Mild Climates. Most of the weather stations listed are reliable in mild climates. Proper installation will extend the life of the weather station.

Extreme Cold (or Northern) Climates. Lithium batteries are recommended for wireless systems in northern and colder environments. Lithium batteries can be purchased at Radio Shack or online battery dealers.

Coastal Climates. Salt spray can cause corrosion and poor reliability. We recommend two stations for this environment:

(1) Rainwise MK-III - choose the 5 year extended warranty option.

(2) WeatherHawk - The boards are conformally coated as a standard feature, the connectors are environmental rated, and the external sensors are designed for use in harsh environments. Their high end stations have no moving parts.

(3) Davis Instruments - NEMA 4x enclosure protects instruments against salt spray.

Editor's Choice:

Davis Instruments, WeatherHawk and Rainwise weather stations are designed for harsh environments.