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General Tools Data Loggers

General Tools INT8819USB Data Logger Interface (USB)
General Tools DMM122DL Digital Multimeters with RS232 Output
General Tools LTH8809DL Temperature & Humidity Monitor with Data Logger
General Tools DL8835 Temperature Humidity Data Logger with On-Off Switch
Reg Price: $69.00
Sale Price: $61.95
Our Price: $231.42
Our Price: $200.96
Our Price: $107.39
General Tools PRTD1317DL Digital Platinum RTD Thermometer & Data Logger
General Tools LRTH185DL Jumbo Data Logging Temperature & Humidity Monitor
General Tools DTH184DL High Accuracy Data Logging Thermo-Hygrometer
Our Price: $179.96
Our Price: $707.22
Our Price: $1,019.22