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ImageSalsa Description

ImageSalsa is not your ordinary WebCam Software
ImageSalsa? is a WebCam software that can do more than just utilize webcams in the conventional way.

We came up with the name ImageSalsa because we thought putting "cam" in the name would associate it with the dozens of webcam software programs already in existence. When you try out ImageSalsa, you will quickly realize that the camera is just a small part of the creation.

Create your own Masterpiece
You start off with a blank rectangle. You then layer camera images, pictures from your computer, images off the web, lines, rectangles, and lines of text just like adding colors to a painting. You can drop shadows, change each element's transparency, apply color filters (for example, apply the sepia filter to make any image look like a turn-of-the-century photograph), rotate by any angle, and more. When you combine so many elements in one container -- each recognizable and important to the final results -- we thought of salsa.

Motion Detection and Time Lapse
So, what else can it do? You can save a series of images to be used by MovieSalsa to make time-lapse movies, detect motion and save the images to disk, write programs in VBScript to automatically customize images, and more! You can even use the images you create as your desktop background and have ImageSalsa refresh them periodically.

Get your images on the Web!
ImageSalsa can regularly FTP images to a web server. If you don't have a web server or you would like to host images directly from your PC in real-time, use ImageSalsa's built-in web server.

Virtual Weather Station Support
If you are an Virtual Weather Station user and own a personal weather station, you'll find that the Weather Edition can even import all your text, graphics and weather data direct from Virtual Weather Station. For example, you can place the current temperature right on the image. When the temperature changes, so does the image. Virtual Weather Station and a wide range of compatible weather equipment are available from Ambient.