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You will never look at the weather the same way again. ImageSalsa captures images from your webcam and creates a series of jpeg images for web page ins... [Read More]
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Product Description
You will never look at the weather the same way again. ImageSalsa captures images from your webcam and creates a series of jpeg images for web page insertion, real-time streaming video, graphical and text overlays, and integrates with Virtual Weather Station to create real-time weather displays.

Think of ImageSalsa as a real-time, automated photoshop for your Weather or WebCam.

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  • Features
    Imagine watching the clouds roll in and out using the time lapse photography feature, and then overlaying weather data to monitor the changing weather conditions.
    A must for every Virtual Weather Station and WeatherCam Owner, ImageSalsa give your webpage that professional tv broadcast look.
    ImageSalsa stands up against any WebCam authoring tool on the market today at a fraction of the price.
    Flexibility: We designed ImageSalsa from the ground up to be flexible. We understand that most web publishers have some creative talent. Why limit your image to a single line of text with the time and maybe one logo? You can add multiple images to a background, layer dozens of lines of text, up to twenty pictures. Plus, you can even have your "canvas" change on the fly by writing a script to control every aspect.
    Scripting Version: As far as we are aware, ImageSalsa is the only webcam software on the market with scriptable automation. Imagine changing a line of text based on the time of day. Place a "joke of the day" on your image. Change the logo or other icons based on some external factor like weather conditions, drive space. Place the your business' hours of operation for today on the image. Industrial applications can place important environmental data or process information directly on the image. Tell your family members "Happy Birthday" when those days arrive. These are just a few ideas -- only your imagination can really limit how far you can go.
    Virtual Weather Station Version: Integrate Virtual Weather Station text into WeatherCam images to give Virtual Weather Station that TV Weather Broadcast look.
    FREE Upgrades for Life: Once you've bought ImageSalsa, you're entitled to free upgrades for the life of the product.
    Stability: Running a site 24/7? No worries. ImageSalsa was designed and tested to run weeks on end without even a hiccup.
    Supports Multiple Cameras: Other products charge twice their regular price or more for just this feature. ImageSalsa includes this capability in all versions+.
    Supports "Network" Cameras: By setting an inserted graphic's source to a network camera's web address, you can place one or more network cameras on an image.
    Price: You get all of these reasons and it still costs less than many comparable products.
    Compatible with: Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7

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