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Freeplay Radio - Hand Crank Emergency Radios and Flashlights

Perfect for Weather Emergencies and Blackouts

Freeplay-powered products give you freedom and independence from traditional power sources leaving you equipped for any situation.

Freeplay’s self-sufficient energy technology combines wind-up,solar and rechargeable power into unique, portable, consumer electronic products replacing conventional battery-powered systems that are wasteful and costly. With Freeplay you’re powered wherever you go.
Freeplay Indigo FI2Y AF-017-00-FO Ultra Bright LED Lantern- YELLOW
Freeplay Indigo FI2G AF-022-00-FO Ultra Bright LED Lantern- SILVEr
Freeplay AE-038-000-00-FO Kito Black Handcrank Emergency Flashlight
Our Price: $51.99
Our Price: $51.99
Our Price: $25.99