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Flytec 6020 GPS Variometer and Flight Computer w/ Free UPS

Flytec 6020 GPS Variometer and Flight Computer w/ Free UPS
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Item #: FT-6020
The Flytec 6020 is a sophisticated flight instrument with built in GPS that is well suited for the entry level pilot to the advanced competition pilot.... [Read More]
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Product Description
The Flytec 6020 is a sophisticated flight instrument with built in GPS that is well suited for the entry level pilot to the advanced competition pilot. The 6020 features a fast CPU, highly advanced circuitry, advanced data recording, in a sleek and compact housing. The display is enlarged, easy-to-read 1/8 VGA and intelligent keypad layout gives direst access to all key flight functions. Connection to a PC for upload, download and firmware updates is via a USB port. Optional Bluetooth connection to a cell phone for real-time tracking. There is even an SD card for future expansion. The 6020 has an improved menu structure and terminology and can be set for several different languages.

Included with 6020: Exclusive Flytec USA manual USB PC interface cable FlyChart Professional license Protective carry bag 4 x AA alkaline batteries 2 year warranty *Optional PG and HG airspeed sensor available separately (below)

Generally leaves the warehouse in 1-3 business days.

*offer valid for this product only and can not be applied to other products.

# Flight instrument with integrated 16 channel GPS receiver w/internal antenna.
# Large, high contrast, graphic LCD display (2-3/8" x 3-1/8") resolution of 160 x 240 pixels
# Ergonomic two tone keypad with easy menu structure
# Accurate battery status shown for both battery banks at start-up, during flight and on shut-down
# Two event driven soft keys allow access to important functions performed without navigating through different menus
# Audio functions are adjustable over a wide range and can be set to automatically increase with speed.
# Up to 200 waypoints can be defined.
# Up to 20 routes, each with 30 waypoints can be stored
# Automatic pilot notification, when an FAI/competition cylinder is passed (enter or exit)
# Automatic indication to the last last thermal
# Automatic or manual start and stop of data logging
# Up to 291 hours of FAI/IGC data logging memory at 60 sec record interval, 9 hours at 2 sec and 48 hours at 10 sec (recommended).
# Automatically records a point upon entry/exit of FAI sector/turn point with acoustic and visual notification
# Each track log point records: longitude, latitude, altitude (pressure + GPS based), true airspeed, ground speed
# Compatible with FlyChart which allows easy set-up of functions as well as download/upload of waypoints, routes and flight tracks (PC or Mac running virtualization)
# Recorded flight conforms completely to IGC-rules (including the digital signature)
# Compatible with flight evaluation programs (SeeYou - CompeGPS - Maxpunkte - Trackview - GPSVar - IQ-Online) for posting flights to OLC
# Calculated airspeed (no external sensor required)
# Input for optional external vane type airspeed sensor for more accurate airspeed
# Analog and digital displays can be set to the pilot's preferences
# 3 flight screens: Main vario/data, Glide and Map
Main screen has 3 user-pages with 3 user-selectable data fields per page that can be chosen from:

* Airspeed (with optional sensor)
* Wind speed (direction shown on compass rose)
* Calculated airspeed (no airspeed sensor required)
* Wind component in flight direction
* Time of day
* Flight time
* Remaining time to competition start gate
* Time to departure for optimal competition start
* Ground speed
* Altitude above best glide line
* Altitude above best glide line around WP(s) to goal
* Altimeter 1 (MSL)
* GPS altitude
* Flight Level
* Altimeter 2 (relative)
* Altimeter 3 (cumulative altitude)
* Flight level
* Barometric pressure (hPa)
* Digital variometer
* Distance to destination
* Distance to goal
* Distance to cylinder
* Distance to restricted area
* Distance to take-off (for OLC)
* Distance back to last thermal
* Bearing
* Track
* Cross-track error
* Glide ratio (through air, over ground, to waypoint)
* Ambient temperature
* SMS send interval
# Simulation mode- Flights may be simulated and features can be tested
# All ports have integral aerodynamic covers
# Optional Bluetooth connection to cell phone for real-time tracking
# SD memory card slot for future implementation
# User installable firmware upgrades (PC or Mac running virtualization)
# Dimension: 6-3/4" x 3-3/8" x 1"
# Weight: 11 oz. (with batteries and without attachment)
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