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Projection Clocks

Atomic & Projection Clocks
The World's Most Accurate Timekeeping Devices answer the age old question, what time is it?

Radio Controlled Exact Set Atomic Projection, Alarm and Wall Clocks.

Radio controlled clocks or "Atomic Clocks" keep perfect time by automatically synchronizing to the radio signal emitted from the U.S. Atomic Clock in Colorado. Radio controled clocks reset daily to the split second, and adjust automatically to Daylight Savings Time, Leap Year and Time Zone Changes.
Oregon Scientific BAR339DPA Daylight Weather Forecasting Projection Alarm Clock
Oregon Scientific RM313PNA-SILVER RM313PNA Hip & Cool Projection Clock with Temperature - SILVER
Homedics SS-4510 SoundSpa� Auto-Set Clock Radio w/Time Projection
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Our Price: $34.81